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Brand Consultancy

If you need brand consultancy, whether it’s a new brand building process or a brand remodeling project, you are in the right place.

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Brand Consultancy
Brand Consultancy
Brand Consultancy
Brand Consultancy
Brand Consultancy
Brand Consultancy

Brand Consultancy

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Brand Management

We carry out the planning and management of branding and entire marketing processes for brands that want to leave all their marketing activities to the experts.

Brand Positioning

We develop a positioning strategy that will place your brand in the minds of consumers and examine your brand according to the markets it appeals to.

Creating Brand

We take on your brand creation process, starting from creating the brand’s name, and brand identity and development processes.

Aaker Model

We use the Aeker Model that has international validity in the creation of the brand.

Let's Work Together for Brand Management and Brand Identity Design Process.

During the naming phase of your brand’s initial setup process, we carry out morphological research, as well as semantic and conceptual studies, and check its international compatibility and validity. In addition to these, we also undertake your brand registration process in line with your request. Also, we create your brand identity with the brand strategy we will realize for you. Whether it’s a new brand or a new product, we base all of our work on marketing research we’ll do or have already done. We believe that the proper insight will come with the proper research methods. We carry out all your branding processes in accordance with the Aaker Model. It is crucial to state that , Cremicro Growth Agency is a member of the Brand Council, the most competent organization in this field.

Brand Consultancy

Let's Grow Your Brand Together!

While determining your brand strategy, we first conduct market research with appropriate research models. After that we analyze the market, your customers and competitors. From the insights that we extract, we determine your brand’s arguments, brand values that it should adopt, brand personality and tone of voice. Additionally, you acquire the discourses that your brand will address to potential customers during the brand consultancy process.

After the first step of the brand consultancy process, we determine the communication strategy specific to your brand. Afterwards, we undertake the communication and operations of your brand in which channels and in which language, the design of your brand’s annual and monthly communication budget, and the pricing and brand architecture in parallel with your brand positioning strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brand Consultancy and Brand Management

What is Brand Consultancy?

Brand consultancy is the service of creating the brand identity of newly established brands or products to be launched, brands or products in the market, and guiding their marketing and communication strategies.

How Much Are Brand Consultancy Fees?

Pricing for Brand Consultancy service always depends on time-sheet record. A special quote is offered to the brand by performing the hour calculation required by the project.

Is Management Consultancy Service Provided Within the Scope of Brand Consultancy?

Management Consultancy designs the internal dynamics and administrative processes of the company, not the brand. From this aspect, it should be evaluated in a different branch than brand consultancy or brand management. Since Cremicro Growth Agency’s speciality is the brand and its marketing processes, this service is not provided.

What is Trademark Patent Consultancy?

Trademark and Patent Registration procedures are legal systems that legally define and protect the brand. The brand consultant or the brand representative is authorized by the Turkish Patent Institute and carries out the process of owning your brand. Cremicro provides brokering service with your brand representative in the fields of trademark registration and trademark tracking.

What is Marketing Research?

Marketing Research is the process that is the forefront of marketing studies, which includes field research, neuromarketing research, focus group research, survey studies and other types of research carried out with quantitative and qualitative methods so that you can analyze the behavior of the potential consumers that you are targeting. Undoubtedly, carrying out Brand Consultancy and Brand Management processes without conducting marketing research will weaken the established brand strategy. For this reason, we gather you with research companies that are suitable for the project within the scope of our brand activities and follow your processes.

What Services Do You Provide During the Brand Consultancy Process?

You can get services from us for Brand Management, Brand Positioning, Brand Extension, Brand Creation, New Category Production, Brand Identity and Communication Strategies development.

What Did They Say About Cremicro?

While we were working with Cremicro, we learned a lot about the digital world. Cremicro is an agency that embraces its work and constantly strives to improve it, is an expert in its field, and is open to innovations. It has always lead us to greater success.

Ahmet SelviChairman of the Executive Board of Hospitadent Dental Group

We expanded our operations in the UK with the SEO and Google Ads optimization we performed with Cremicro. They have a wide mindset, from conversion optimization to lead generation.

Serdar Han TopoFounder of Altahonos

We worked with Cremicro for CreatorDen for about a year. We had a pleasant and successful partnership with both ownership and delivery discipline by taking on the role of creating and managing our digital marketing strategy. The effort that they put forth was appreciated by our entire team. Definitely, an agency that I would like to work with again.

Ozan TabakFounder of CreatorDen

As Projesoft Technology, we manage an infrastructure that is the leading infrastructure provider in the e-commerce sector and offers 360-degree solutions to customers, integrates with all known ERP software with advanced campaign modules, and provides full integration with marketplaces such as N11, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, Trendyol. We work with Cremicro for Marketing Strategies, Internet Advertising and PR. We are rapidly developing our business thanks to its organizational ability, dedication to its business and the solutions it offers, both through customer communication and the network it provides. The fact that it always comes up with different and effective solutions offers great opportunities for us.

Yüksel EminoğluCo-founder of Projesoft

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