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Media Planning and Buying Agency

We manage your brand’s digital strategies with the lowest possible budget and highest performance, and create sales and lead-oriented advertisements with media buying decisions.

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Digital Media Planning And Buying Agency
Digital Media Planning And Buying Agency
Digital Media Planning And Buying Agency
Digital Media Planning And Buying Agency
Digital Media Planning And Buying Agency
Digital Media Planning And Buying Agency

Media Planning and Buying Agency

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Media Planning

We determine the most effective media areas suitable for the target audience and budget and create special content to get the highest performance with the lowest budget. After determining the most suitable areas for the marketing objectives, we provide that the advertisements reach the target audience effectively.

Media Buying

We determine the most effective advertisement areas according to the decisions that taken during the media planning stage and determine which media areas for which target audience segments we can use for buying decisions. We make high benefit-oriented buying decisions by using the resource power of the brand in the most proper way.

Sales and Lead-Oriented Advertisements

We provide that the ads to be published in the media planning and purchasing steps are focused on sales and new customers, and we prepare versatile advertising campaigns for this. We strengthen the brand’s marketing activities with video ads, e-mail marketing, mobile ads and creative ads.

Programmatic Advertisements

We actively manage and develop remarketing ads with user targeting options. We use advertising models that known as programmatic advertising, that work with multi-device usage, 3rd party data and retargeting abilities and are developed specifically for visitor behavior.

High-Performance Media Planning and Buying

In the new media term where Digital Marketing efforts gain importance, we achieve the highest performances with the lowest possible budgets. We know the importance of media buying ideas, and we buy the most suitable channels for the brand in order to provide the best budget management.

We find the most efficient target audience segments by managing demand and supply-oriented advertisements (DSP – SSP) that we use in media planning with data management platforms (DMP). By this means, we can perform media management with the highest performance.

What Does a Media Planning and Buying Agency Do?

In order to take advantage of the changing and developing digital world, you should show ads in the most appropriate areas for your target audience and increase your conversions. At this point, the media planning agency determines the most suitable areas for your target audience and publishes your ads with strong content in order to create the most efficient ads and use the budget in the most accurate way. Before making media buying decisions, you need to make sure you choose the areas that are most convenient with your target audience segment and budget. You should also work with a media planning agency for the effective usage of the media for which the purchase decision is made.

Which Media Areas Do You Use?

We can use any digital area where your target audience is situated. We create the most effective media planning with social media ads, Google ads and Programmatic ads. We expand these channels according to the segment of your target audience or specialize them in line with the budget.

Why Should I Work With a Media Planning and Buying Agency?

Working with a media planning and buying agency will generate profit your brand budget. Even if you know which campaign to set up, you will not be able to predict or manage which media area will be the most effective. We strongly recommend that you work with a media planning and buying agency in order to use the determined budget in the best way, to appear to your target audience in the most effective way and to be on the right channels.

How Do You Make Media Buying Decisions?

Before making the media purchases of an advertising campaign, we analyze the marketing objectives, service details and target audience segment from A to Z. When choosing the most suitable platforms for budget and marketing targets, we first consider the target audience engagement and after determining the most suitable channels, we work to provide high performance.

Will My Sales Increase After the Media Planning and Buying Stages?

If the accurate media planning and buying decisions are combined with effective budget and marketing objectives, your sales will definitely increase. As our focus will be on sales and leads during media planning studies, you can be sure that a visible difference will emerge.

How Long Does Media Planning Works Take?

These times depending on the campaign, marketing objectives and target audience segment. For an effective media planning process, all analyzes must be done completely and the contents must be prepared according to the media areas and the campaign. Although it is not possible to give an exact time, it should not be thought that it can happen in a very short time.

What are Programmatic Ads?

Pragmatic ads, which can be used in media planning studies, are the type of advertising that includes strategy development according to behavioral analysis and is the most known implementation method and remarketing studies.

Which Contents Could We Use in Media Planning?

We can use all of the sales and lead-oriented content prepared according to the characteristics of the media field. Email marketing, video ads, content ads, social media ads, static ads, gif ads etc. We can create content for all ad types.

What Did They Say About Cremicro Media Planning Agency?

While we were working with Cremicro, we learned a lot about the digital world. Cremicro is an agency that embraces its work and constantly strives to improve it, is an expert in its field, and is open to innovations. It has always lead us to greater success.

Ahmet SelviChairman of the Executive Board of Hospitadent Dental Group

We worked with Cremicro for CreatorDen for about a year. We had a pleasant and successful partnership with both ownership and delivery discipline by taking on the role of creating and managing our digital marketing strategy. The effort that they put forth was appreciated by our entire team. Definitely, an agency that I would like to work with again.

Ozan TabakFounder of CreatorDen

As Projesoft Technology, we manage an infrastructure that is the leading infrastructure provider in the e-commerce sector and offers 360-degree solutions to customers, integrates with all known ERP software with advanced campaign modules, and provides full integration with marketplaces such as N11, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, Trendyol. We work with Cremicro for Marketing Strategies, Internet Advertising and PR. We are rapidly developing our business thanks to its organizational ability, dedication to its business and the solutions it offers, both through customer communication and the network it provides. The fact that it always comes up with different and effective solutions offers great opportunities for us.

Yüksel EminoğluCo-founder of Projesoft

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