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Social Media Agency

We make the most suitable social media plans for your brand and increase your digital power with strategies specific to your target audience. We enable you to reach your potential customers in the most effective way with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads.

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Social Media Agency
Social Media Agency
Social Media Agency
Social Media Agency
Social Media Agency
Social Media Agency

Social Media Agency

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Creative Design

We make a difference by making remarkable, catchy and unique creative designs for your brand. We manage these prepared contents in line with your advertising budget. We report to you the results of all the work we have done during the month.

Content Planning

We plan your shares with campaign setups, engagement posts and story content. We identify the needs for the growth of your brand on social media platforms, we provide organic growth by making improvements and innovations according to your target audience.

Brand Awareness

With Cremicro Social Media Agency, you can ensure more traffic to websites, reach wider audiences, increase brand awareness, create brand loyalty, and most importantly, evaluate them as datas.

Reporting & A/B Testing

We increase the performance of your ads with the AB testing method. We identify and develop the best performing ads by conducting tests in fields such as design, target audience and budget optimizations.

Facebook and Instagram

With Facebook and Instagram Advertising, we show your posts and stories to your target audience and optimize your conversions.

All Channels

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Tiktok, Telegram and WhatsApp Business and others. Professionally manage all social media platforms with Cremicro Social Media Agency.

Cremicro Social Media Agency is Official Facebook Partner.

Account Level

Are You Ready to Brand on Social Media?

Have you realized the potential of social media but don’t know where to start? Does your business status on social media not satisfy you? Your content has a high engagement rate, but are your sales still the same? Do your social media channels not contribute to your brand awareness? Social media platforms are the most powerful channels that enable your brand to meet your target audience. You can reach hundreds of potential customers from all over the world in a very short time. Discover the power of social media! Grow your brand with a professional social media agency.

As a social media agency, we first plan what kind of tone of voice strategy you should have in social media channels. We manage these prepared contents in line with your advertising budget. There are hundreds of criteria for creating successful branding on social media. In order for your potential customers to turn into highly loyal customers, your brand’s communication language and content must be planned correctly. It is enough to contact us to become a brand with plans such as sharing frequency, ad texts, campaign designs, monthly and weekly content calendars.

What Does a Social Media Agency Do?

Social media agency manages the digital platforms your brand uses. It determines the most suitable social media platforms for your brand, creates their content and designs, and manages their online advertisements. Provides brand management on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linkedin.

Will Social Media Studies Contribute to My Brand?

Definitely yes. Today, the most important and powerful weapon of studies that require important planning such as branding and brand communication is social media. Social media channels that enable your brand to communicate with your target audience can show your brand’s strengths by interacting one-on-one. It can inform you about your campaigns in the fastest way, and most importantly, it creates brand loyalty. That’s why social media is too significant for every brand.

What is being done for Social Media Agency?

Within the scope of social media Agency, activities such as content calendar and content creation, organizing online advertising campaigns, increasing engagement, creating digital projects, customer management, complaint and crisis management are carried out. When you work with a social media agency, all the digital steps of your brand are rescheduled. With the proper content, effective ad management and analysis, your brand’s awareness increases.

How is Social Media Content Created?

The most important step of social media management is to create the proper content. Content is prepared within a specific plan for your target audience to follow, interact and build loyalty to your brand. There are dozens of content types such as attention-grabbing content, how-to content, promotional content, content that they can interact with by replying or messaging, content that increases satisfaction. It is produced and developed according to the objectives of your brand.

Which Social Media Platform Is The Most Effective For My Brand?

Each social media platform has its own dynamics and special audience. A frequently used platform may not be compatible with your brand and sales strategy. Not every brand has to be on every platform, nor should it be. In order to choose the proper channels; Professionals who are well-versed in social media dynamics need to work on target audiences.

How is Social Media Marketing Done?

Social media marketing is done by creating content for the dynamics of each platform. Social media is not a certain source of income. We can explain social media exactly as an earning channel.

Why is Social Media Management Important?

Expected effects on customers, such as brand awareness or brand loyalty, are not instantaneous. An significant acquisition channel such as social media must be used in order to reach the target audience and attract the attention of the target audience.

Does Social Media Agency Use Influencer on Social Media?

Influencers have now become more popular and more reliable than celebrities. You should definitely use an influencer to reach your target audience.

What are the Advantages of Social Media Management by Social Media Agency to Businesses?

If brands use social media correctly, they can achieve the following: They can ensure more traffic to their websites, reach wider audiences, increase brand awareness, create brand loyalty, and most importantly, evaluate them datally.

How Can a Social Media Agency Use Social Media More Effectively?

In order to be more effective on social media, you must: be present in all channels where your target audience is, publish content regularly, provide a reason for consumers to follow you, act with influencers.

How Does Social Media Affect Businesses?

Regardless of the industry, almost all of the customers are on social media. They comment positive or negative about products or services. Brands should be on social media both to delight their customers and to protect their own reputations.

How Effective Is Social Media Agency For Social Media Marketing?

71% of people who have a positive experience with a brand on social media tell of that brand to friends or/and relatives. Could you imagine how much the brand’s customer portfolio has expanded thanks to social media? This is exactly how significant it is for brands to use social media effectively.

Could You Succeed on Social Media Just by Creating Content?

The algorithms of social media platforms change every year. Of course, creating content is significant, but advertising is just as significant. After preparing your content on a monthly basis, you should highlight your content with small budgets.

What Did They Say About Cremicro Social Media Agency?

While we were working with Cremicro, we learned a lot about the digital world. Cremicro is an agency that embraces its work and constantly strives to improve it, is an expert in its field, and is open to innovations. It has always lead us to greater success.

Ahmet SelviChairman of the Executive Board of Hospitadent Dental Group

We worked with Cremicro for CreatorDen for about a year. We had a pleasant and successful partnership with both ownership and delivery discipline by taking on the role of creating and managing our digital marketing strategy. The effort that they put forth was appreciated by our entire team. Definitely, an agency that I would like to work with again.

Ozan TabakFounder of CreatorDen

As Projesoft Technology, we manage an infrastructure that is the leading infrastructure provider in the e-commerce sector and offers 360-degree solutions to customers, integrates with all known ERP software with advanced campaign modules, and provides full integration with marketplaces such as N11, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, Trendyol. We work with Cremicro for Marketing Strategies, Internet Advertising and PR. We are rapidly developing our business thanks to its organizational ability, dedication to its business and the solutions it offers, both through customer communication and the network it provides. The fact that it always comes up with different and effective solutions offers great opportunities for us.

Yüksel EminoğluCo-founder of Projesoft

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