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Success Story Hayatın Ritmi

About Hayatın Ritmi

Hayat Ritmi has been making a difference in the working climate of companies with its Coaching, Training, Consultancy, Inventory and Speech services since 2013. As the Turkey Partner of Six Seconds, EMCC and CMOE, our brand produces effective results with concrete, measurable, global models and tools based on science and experience. In this success story, you will see how we improved the organic performance of Hayatın Ritmi, one of Turkey’s leading brands in leadership and coaching.

Rank increase on targeted keywords


Increase in quality leads


Decrease in issues on the site



Business Challenge

When Hayat Ritmi first met us, they were trying to increase site traffic and quality leads. We found it to be due to a lack of SEO with a quick site audit. The site’s problems included:

  • Lack of redirects
  • Contents that are not E-E-A-T and BERT compliant
  • 404 errors
  • Missing structured data
  • Cannibalization
  • Non-optimized images
  • Low website speed

Our team set out to:

  • Improved on-site SEO optimization.
  • Unbranded search engine increased its visibility.
  • Images have been optimized.
  • Focused on SEO for landing pages.
  • Optimized site speed.

Work began in April 2022. One year later, Hayat Ritmi achieved +892% clicks and +431% impressions for unbranded keywords.

Note: Since the days of the comparison intervals are not coincident, the graph at the bottom gets longer in the 2nd image.

Success Story Hayatın Ritmi
Success Story Hayatın Ritmi
Success Story Hayatın Ritmi


Success Story Hayatın Ritmi

Site Audit

Our team has conducted a Site Audit and provided a list of suggested improvements for:

  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • 404 errors
  • JavaScript and CSS issues
  • Broken links

Competitor Research

While implementing the changes to the website, our team was keeping an eye on competitors. They were particularly interested in their traffic insights, such as:

  • Estimated monthly traffic
  • Traffic sources
  • Top keywords
Success Story Hayatın Ritmi
Success Story Hayatın Ritmi

Position Tracking

Our team also use the tool to monitor the core keyword performance of the Hayatın Ritmi on a daily basis. They tracked page rankings to make sure landing pages get organic traffic. For this, they redesigned the landing pages and updated the content.

As a result, 20 of the targeted keywords had a +30 ranking increase. Especially the blog content helped to strengthen the landing pages. It was very important in this regard that we regularly publish blog content every month.

The strength of our competitors caused us to create content from long-tail keywords. In this way, as our domain authority strengthened, we also rank in short keywords and appeared on the first page in most of them.

Page Speed

The design of the website has been updated to fix the low website speed issue and the necessary actions have been completed to increase the page speed. In this way, the site, which had a mobile page speed of 5 in October 2021, reached 75 in December 2022. In addition, the brand, which has also a low page speed on the desktop, has reached the level of 98 for desktop speed.

For this, the theme of the site was changed, unused CSS and JS were reduced. In addition, the format and size of the images have also been updated. In this way, both mobile and desktop website speed increased.

Success Story Hayatın Ritmi


Since the launch of SEO in April 2022, Hayatın Ritmi has published more than 40 new landing page optimized for SEO and has published more than 150 blog.

After just one year of intense content efforts, by December 2022 the Hayatın Ritmi began to see incremental growth:

  • 47% increase in visibility for the company’s target keywords.
  • Rank increase on 42 of 53 targeted keywords.
  • Conversion rate increased from 0.05% to 0.81%.
  • Site health improved by 27%.
  • Issues on the site decreased by 91%.

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